Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Feeling Crabby?

I was thinking the other day, "what should I make for lunch?" And well because Eliana was so crabby the day before a crab came to mind!  So I made her a crab lunch :) A very cute crab I must add.
The crab is a ham and cheese sandwich made with a sun dried tomato tortilla with edible candy eyes and for the mouth I used an edible marker

The "sand" is crushed graham crackers

The "ocean" is blueberry gogurt

The palm tree is a pretzel rod with sugar snap pea leaves and raisin "coconuts"

The sun I cut out of a yellow bell pepper

Eliana loved this lunch and ate it all up! It actually reminded us of the beach and how much we love summer! So... not so crabby after all ;) 

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