Friday, March 14, 2014

Birthday Bento School Lunch!

Happy 6th Birthday Eliana!
Today is Eliana's 6th birthday! I cannot believe she is SIX!

She has school today so I made her this fun lunch!  I made a birthday lunch for her birthday last year and she asked for her lunch this year to be similar to that lunch, but with a cupcake instead. 

I packed her strawberries (her favorite fruit!), yogurt, and a wowbutter with mini chocolate chip cupcake sandwich.  I "glued" everything with honey.. not sure it will all stick together as well because of all the little pieces but I know she'll love it!

 Wishing you a wonderful birthday Eliana! I LOVE you!

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Simple St. Patrick's Day School Lunches

Like I've said before, I LOVE the month of March. Eliana's birthday, the beginning of spring, St. Patrick's day and the color green!  St. Patrick's Day is always one of my favorite holidays to make fun lunches and this year is no different! While I might be a lot more tired this year, due to my adorable almost 3 month old :), I still enjoy making Eliana's lunches fun. However I can't always spend time making them intricate, so I have gone with simple fun ideas that I can put together quickly the night before.

All of Eliana's lunches this week were quick to put together -- 15 minutes or less for each lunch. And that is including washing and cutting of fruits and vegetables, and at least one interruption ;)  I took all these pictures with my phone, literally the moment before I put it into Eliana's lunch bag, pack her backpack and we are out the door! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I shared these lunches throughout the week :)


On Monday Eliana had green grapes with a clover bento pick, cucumbers, a shamrock sandwich filled with wowbutter and Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries (in the small green container) packed in her EasyLunchbox.

I gave her clover cucumbers all week because 1) I had a huge cucumber in the fridge, 2) Eliana loves cucumber, and 3) it is a great fun way to get rid of the peel while making a fun shape :)


For Tuesday's school lunch she had cucumbers, cut up cheese sticks with two clover bento picks, goldfish in a mini dipper and a chocolate soy butter sandwich with a shamrock cut out.  The bread shamrock cut out was eaten by me.. usually I leave it in the lunch but I was hungry when I was putting her lunch together ;)


On Wednesday Eliana had green grapes, cucumbers, Lucky Charms cereal, cheese, and crackers, all packed in her EasyLunchboxes :)  I only buy Lucky Charms cereal once a year, for right around St. Patrick's day. We barely eat one fourth of the box and then it gets forgotten in the back of the cabinet LOL. But I just have to get it! It is just a fun cereal and treat for this time of year and I know Eliana always looks forward to it! 


For Thursday's lunch Eliana had cucumbers, Granny Smith apple slices (with the core cut out with a shamrock cutter), and a Leprechaun sandwich. The Leprechaun is a wowbutter and mini chocolate chip sandwich decorated with cheese and Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chip eyes.  The hat I cut out of a spinach tortilla and added cheese decorations.  I "glued" the pieces together with honey.  The Leprechaun has some Lucky charms cereal hidden in the small green container :)

Last year I made some fun and simple St. Patrick's Day lunches too! You can see them HERE :)

Friday, today, is Eliana's birthday! So no St. Patrick's day lunch. It will be a fun birthday lunch instead! I can't believe my baby is SIX years old!! :)

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family Fun Magazine! leprechaun hats

Happy March 1st everyone!! 

March is one of my favorite months for many reasons.. Eliana's birthday is in March (her due date was St. Patrick's Day so we end up enjoying that fun holiday too), Spring starts in March so we can say goodbye (and good riddance to winter), and now I am so excited to tell you that Family Fun Magazine asked me if they could feature my Leprechaun hats snack idea in an their March 2014 magazine!!! The month of March is a good one I tell you :D

When Family Fun first asked me if they could feature my idea I of course said YES YES YES!!! (after jumping up and down a million times and doing a happy dance!) I made these leprechaun hat snacks last year for Eliana and she absolutely loved them. I'm so happy that they were such a hit! AND they are even mentioned on the front cover of the magazine!! Somebody PINCH me!!

You can find the leprechaun hat snacks on page 30 in the March 2014 issue (or in the "Play: healthy family" section in the digital copy)!!!!

And of course if you want to see my post and tutorial for them please click HERE!! :)

p.s. Thank you for all the emails and IG comments congratulating me and asking how Samantha and I are doing! :) We are great! It's crazy how much she has grown and changed in only two months. I feel blessed to be able to watch her grow.  And while I am trying to keep up with the blog I have found it more important to spend time with her and Eliana rather than posting regularly these past 2 months.  I hope to be back soon as Samantha has been getting into a great routine and I feel much more rested.  I still make fun lunches for Eliana every day (and try to post them to Instagram when I remember to take a picture lol) but I look forward to making some more fun food creations and sharing with you all soon!  ♥ Michelle

p.p.s. Please excuse the amount of exclamation points in this post. I seriously cannot contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowman Pancakes

Fun and Easy Snowman Pancakes!
Happy New Year! I still can't believe it is already 2014. I'm excited to see what this year has in store for us :) I hope you all had a wonderful New Year too!

So with winter here, and no way to avoid it, I made some fun and easy Snowman Pancakes for Eliana! I was inspired by our Nemo The Snowman Sandwich from last year :) I made these pancakes for Eliana back in December, I decided to wait to share these because I knew baby was coming and I wouldn't have as many posts going out, AND we are in the middle of a blizzard today so it is quite fitting to share right now! :)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have known by now that baby Samantha has arrived!! She was born exactly a week before Christmas on December 18th! I am so thankful for her health and her life and she has been such a joy! We have been adjusting wonderfully with our newest addition, even with lack of sleep and sickness going around in our house lol :)

So-- back to the pancakes! David had made pancakes but there was a little bit of leftover mix, so instead of letting that go to waste I found a way to use it up!  To make these pancakes all you'll need is your favorite pancake batter (fully mixed so there are no bumps) and a squeeze bottle to draw on the skillet or griddle.

With your skillet, or griddle, on low heat draw the outline of your snowman.  Let your outline cook until it gets all nice and bubbly.  Then fill in each section of the snowman with the batter.  Once the snowman is almost fully cooked, gently flip your snowman so it can cook on the other side.

I used a green grape for the hat, mini chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons, apple slices for the nose, scarf and arms and a chocolate sprinkle for the mouth.  The "snow" is yogurt :) It was so simple to put together and Eliana loved it! I only did one and then let her decorate the others. I put all the ingredients in small bowls and let her assemble and decorate however she wanted. 

Who says you shouldn't play with your food? ;)
Here is a picture of Eliana making hers! (she wanted them for dinner!) :)

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